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It's easy to make any ordinary university a sports university if the stakeholders are interested in gaining the maximum benefits of sports. Sports are an essential part of human life and it impacts in a very vigilant manner. If sports are incorporated with studies and students are given equal chance to take part in any of their favorite sport then it can benefit all stakeholders.

To increase the sporting activities in the campus, it's necessary to adopt and introduce new and exciting ways to attract the youth of the educational institutes. The most appreciating way is to introduce sports as a compulsory subject, which automatically indulges them to take part in sports. Ultimately it will increase the number of students in the basketball court, cricket and football ground.

Moreover, such mega sports university can represent the enthusiasm and skillful appearance of the students as well. Furthermore, the majority of students can participate in their favorite co-students and batch fellows. This would help build synergy and unity within the university.

The beauty of sports is in the teamwork and mutual collaboration, as it's necessary to develop a consensus between students of all ages and sexes. It's quite appealing if university fellow appreciates and support the sporting activities of their batch fellows in different competitions.

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Furthermore, if a university is attached with any of the leading sports networks in the country then it's become a major plus point, as the students can be easily recruited in the mainstream sports organizations, and can play on the domestic and international level perceptively.

Sporting activities of any college or university depicts the actual social and recreational worth of the university as a lot of students want to show their outstanding skills but fail to do so, as there are not enough resources provided to them.

Also, the time span for studies is so short that many students are not allowed time from the university lecturers to indulge in sports even as an extracurricular activity. This is due to the fact that many educationists fail to understand the need for sports and its worth for the health maintenance of students.

One important fact is that many students are poor managers of health, and are too lazy to join sports activities, others are poor at time management and avoid sports, considering it as a wastage of time.

However, to enhance the sporting activity on the campus, the management can offer unique incentives and benefits to the students to take part and make the whole university proud of. The local sports network of the university can also perform its unique part of the game by making different interesting and exciting programs, where students from other universities can also perform and show their skills.

Ultimately, these steps create a good space for competing with each other on the domestic and inter-university level. The only thing which motivates a student is the ongoing trend, as a lot of students ultimately follow unique trends. Different mega-events like soccer and cricket world cup can be a perfect source of inspiration for the students in this regard.


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